Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can You Get Sued?

In November 2011, Edward Kemp and Maarten Merkelbach published a paper for the Security Management Initiative (SMI) titled "Can You Get Sued? Legal liability of International Humanitarian Aid Organizations Towards Their Staff." It's a very good and important read, but at 81 pages, might be a bit of a time hit for the busy NGO security practitioner. I see Bob Macpherson has summarized key points from the report on his blog. If you (or your senior management) haven't read the SMI paper in its entirety, be sure to check out Bob's excellent executive summary.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

OpenRelief Disaster Drone

The OpenRelief project recently made its public debut in Japan. The collaborative effort seeks to develop a small drone that can fly into and out of disaster zones, taking photos and videos. Sensors will measure weather conditions (and radiation) and help map roads, people and smoke. The goal is an under $1,000 production price device that can be used by governments and NGOs. Two prototype units have already been built. More in future posts as this project moves forward.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Medair Aid Workers Freed

ISAF special operations forces freed Medair aid workers Helen Johnston (British), Moragwa Oirere (Kenyan), and two female Afghan staff members. The group was kidnapped 11 days ago in Badakhshan, northeastern Afghanistan. The ransom was said to be upwards of £6 million. An unconfirmed number of insurgents were killed during the successful raid. No casualties were sustained by the rescuers or abductees.

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