Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why this Blog?

We decided to start this Blog because there really isn’t a centralized, independent, up-to-date source on the Net that exclusively covers NGO security topics and news. Safety and security is becoming increasingly important in humanitarian operations, and this is our attempt at getting the word out to more people.

Some of things we plan on providing (that you’ve already seen examples of) include:
  • Links to news stories about security-related incidents (with commentary sprinkled in as appropriate)
  • Links to NGO security manuals, articles and training material
  • Practical security tips from the field
  • Editorials on events happening in the NGO world that have an impact on security
The readers we hope to serve include:
  • Smaller NGOs that may not have the funding for dedicated security staff
  • National staff that are serving as security focal persons with limited or without access to ongoing training or information sources
  • NGO management at headquarters or in the field who have an interest in security (either personal or mandated)
  • Mainstream security people (cops, military, government, PSDs, PMC operators, etc.) who are trying to better understand the ins and outs of the NGO security world
That said, we don't want this Blog to only be one-way dialog. Please comment on anything we post. We’d especially like to hear about your experiences, opinions or any questions relating to humanitarian organization security. You can reach us at: ngosecurity-at-gmail-dot-com

All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential. If you’d like to contact us anonymously, use a free Hotmail, Yahoo, or Google Mail account that doesn’t reveal your real name (or organization).

That completes your orientation to NGO security and this Blog, thank you and welcome aboard.

10/8/11 Update - In a few months this blog will celebrate it's sixth anniversary. It's gone through a lot of changes over the years, including several periods of hiatus. At first a lot of news stories were posted, then came a series of YouTube-based video trainings, now you'll find posts about topics I find interesting and useful, along with a few editorials. There's a wealth of information in this blog, so spend some time browsing through the archives. I hope you'll find a nugget or two that will make your job easier.


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