Monday, May 29, 2006

Incident: Riot/Compound Burning and Looting, Afghanistan

Fueled by anger over a traffic accident that killed a local resident and involved US military vehicles, Kabul erupted into violent protests. Anti-American sentiment carried over into the NGO community. According to a CNN report, "Rioters ransacked several buildings, including a compound belonging to the aid group CARE International. Computers were set on fire and smoke billowed from the buildings." More reports here, which suggest other NGO facilities were burned and looted. This quote is very telling, "Many people hate the NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] because they see all this money coming into the country and they have not been able to get jobs. They were waiting for a day like today," says Ehsan, an Afghan security officer. Update: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting the CARE office is in ruins and that Oxfam and French NGO ACTED offices were looted. A photo of the burning CARE office is here. And additional quotes and commentary here.


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