Friday, June 09, 2006

Somalia NGO Consortium - Security Advisors' Alert

Insecurity in Somalia has been headlining lately with UN staff being relocated because of militia violence. It is truly a unique mix of Clans and Sub-Clans, Shari'a and Warlords and Pirates and Khat, NGOs and "Technicals"!

The Security Advisor for the Somalia NGO Consortium has provided this alert information below (09/06/06 0930 GMT) and it is reproduced here with his kind permission.....Thanks Barry (and for those wondering if that is him on the left, it is not - take away the gun and you might be closer).

If you do have NGO security interest in that region you can contact Barry, who is very busy, by return comment to this post. We would also welcome your security information updates too.

For information on NGO security in Somalia, Somali territories, and the bordering areas we often here it from the Consortium's NGO security project before the press!

************************************************************************************* Reports indicate that fighting broke out in Baidoa, Bay region at approximately 1200 today. It is reported that conflict erupted between militia loyal to the President of the TFG (Majerten sub clan of Darod clan) and Geledle sub clan militia of the Saqaal, Rahanwein/Mirifle clan at a check point approximately 150m from the Presidential compound. The immediate cause of the conflict is reported to be the disarming of 4 Geledle militia by the Presidential militia at the checkpoint. It is reported that 15 to 20 people have died in the conflict thus far including Malaq Semow, the Geledle clan elder.

Assessment: The conflict could also be linked to the theft of 2 vehicles belonging to the Majerten clan by Leysaan sub clan militia of the Siyeed, Rahanwein/Mirifle clan on 08JUN05. Analysts fear that the conflict may drag the other Rahanwein sub clans, onto the side of the Geledle sub clan, into the conflict which would exacerbate the situation considerably. The killing of Malaq Semow is very serious and the conflict will probably get worse before it gets better. NGO's are advised to avoid the area and to follow the situation very carefully.

This email contains the latest update of available security related information in Somalia. Situations may have changed or will change from that of this report. Security decisions and protocols are the responsibility of respective agencies. Security precautions in accordance with organisation procedures are recommended at all times. This email is distributed for the information and sole benefit of the Somalia NGO Consortium in their provision of humanitarian and development aid to the people of Somalia and Somaliland.


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