Thursday, August 17, 2006

CARE International Safety & Security Handbook

The CARE International Safety & Security Handbook is a concise and comprehensive reference guide distributed to CARE staff throughout the world. The 156-page manual provides guidance on dealing with a wide variety of safety and security issues and includes a number of very useful checklists. This is a great resource for anyone taking on NGO security responsibilities, but unfortunately, copies are a little hard to find outside of CARE and the handbook hasn't been readily available on the Internet. However that's changed as of now since Bob Macpherson, director of the CARE Security Unit, kindly made the most recent second edition available to us in PDF format. Right mouse click one of the following links and "Save as" to download an English, Arabic, French, Spanish or Portuguese version of the handbook. We've also added these links to our Primary Readings. Thanks much Bob!


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