Thursday, August 03, 2006

Incidents: Various, Darfur

MSF press release on recent security incidents the organization has experienced in Darfur in the past several weeks, including:
  • July 14, armed men robbed the compound and stole a car in Serif Umra
  • July 16, an ambulance was shot at on the road between el Geneina and Morney, the driver was beaten
  • July 18, another MSF vehicle was taken out of a medical facility in Shangil Tobaya
  • July 20, a team was robbed and beaten on the road between Golo and Niertiti
The security situation in Darfur continues to deteriorate and word on the street is more than one large international NGO is considering withdrawing. It will be instructive to see what the threshold event is that causes widespread suspensions. Operations in Darfur are very important from a public relations standpoint to NGOs and the challenge is balancing that with staff safety and honestly assessing just how much benefit programs are providing.


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