Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Incident: Abductions, Afghanistan

Word on the street is a Colombian and two Afghans working for a French NGO were abducted west of Kabul on Sunday. More details when/if they become available. 9/17/06 Update: As mentioned in the comment below, although some media sources are calling the disapperances abductions, ANSO states there is no firm evidence that the staff members have indeed been abducted. At this point kidnapping remains one of several possible causes of the disappearances. 9/20/06 Update - Madera, the NGO employing the missing aid workers, has confirmed the staff members have been abducted. Details aren't available, but the workers are said to be alive and in good health.


Anonymous ANSO Operations said...

So far the only thing known is that they are missing. There is yet no hard evidence as to what happened to them. Therefore, calling it an abduction can create confusion although the possibility of a kidnapping is definitly there.

3:40 AM  

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