Wednesday, October 11, 2006


NS writes in about a new incident tracking system from the Information Management and Mine Action Programs (iMMAP, part of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation). Called OASIS, for Operational Activity Security Information System, the plan is for the software to be rolled out and tested in Afghanistan and Darfur in the near future.

From the description it looks pretty good.
The biggest challenges will be getting NGOs to use a single incident tracking system (as well as inputting quality data) and ensuring trained staff positions are allocated.


Anonymous Paul Currion said...

It looks pretty, but as you say - what's the incentive for people to use the system? Particularly since it's funded by the US Department of State for a pilot in Afghanistan - where relations between the US military and NGOs are not exactly great. Any feedback from the pilot (which the website said was starting this summer) would be great though, as we definitely need tools like this.

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