Monday, October 23, 2006

Incident: Expulsion, Sudan

Jan Pronk, UN envoy to Sudan, is being expelled because of comments he posted in his blog that were critical of the Sudanese military. The lesson learned here is be careful what your organization or its staff says on the Internet (either officially or unofficially). Someone in a position of influence may be reading and take offense.

On more of a security-related note, always review organization Web sites and blogs during an assessment to see if there is any information that could possibly compromise security. Depending on the circumstances you may also want to do a little Googling of key staff members, checking if any sensitive information can easily be found online.


Blogger Paul said...

It's likely that Pronk posted that message deliberately, to draw attention to the situation and to provoke the government. So the other lesson is that blogs can be powerful tools for awareness raising if you know how to use them.

It's a good point about the security implications of blogs and other websites. Most of the bloggers that we aggregate at Aid Workers Network
post anonymously - but it's not that hard to work out who they are from their messages...

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