Sunday, December 17, 2006

Incident: Abductions/Suspension, Iraq

Up to 25 people were abducted from an Iraqi Red Crescent office in Baghdad. Armed men dressed in Iraqi army uniforms took employees, visitors and security guards from the office. More info on this incident from IRIN. Update - Six people have been released (drivers and guards). Twenty-one employees and three visitors remain held captive. 12/18/06 Update - Reports are now saying 15 Red Crescent workers have been released. (I'd take any media reports with a grain of salt right now, unless they have been confirmed by Red Crescent officials.) Also the organization has announced it is suspending operations in Baghdad. 12/19/06 Update - 26 of the 30 abductees have been released and there is hope the remaining four will be freed soon. Still no information on motive.



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