Friday, January 05, 2007

Aid workers beaten, raped in Darfur

More details are coming to light on the evacuations in Gereida, Sudan last month. Following an article in the French newspaper Le Monde, an Action Against Hunger spokesperson said the staff suffered "beatings, blows from rifle butts, robbery, assault and at least one rape." These incidents as well as mock executions, gunfire directed at buildings, and vehicles being stripped prompted the evacuations. It is unclear if the ACF personnel involved were national or international staff. This marks the second large scale security incident that's impacted ACF in the past six months - the first being the murder of 17 staff members in Sri Lanka in August.

Full Le Monde article in French here, also a rudimentary English translation (thanks to Google).

Readers who have additional information on the Gereida incident are encouraged to comment (anonymously if appropriate).



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