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NGO Security Scenario #2

You are a humanitarian security officer working in Kabul, Afghanistan. You receive an early morning phone call that there has been an explosion at one of your organization's program offices. The office is nearby, so you set out on foot. Press the play button below to see and hear what you encounter.

What are your thoughts as you head toward the office? What do you bring with you? What are your priorities upon arriving at the scene? Does your organization have policies and procedures for dealing with this type of an incident? Share your ideas for handling this scenario by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could be responsible and why attack us
Has anyone been killed or injured
How bad is the damage to the offices
What kind of explosive device was used

Move all the injured
Open lines of communication with local security teams
Inform head office about the incident
Inform staff in other offices/areas and beef up security
Check if there any UXO within the area

First aid kit

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Kevin said...


“What the hell am I doing walking in Kabul? I stick out like a sore thumb. I’ll be lucky if I don’t get myself killed or kidnapped.”
“Is there going to be a secondary device?”
“ I hope the alternate office site has been at least partially stocked. Maybe I should have checked on it personally.”
“I’d better let someone know what I am doing.”


Avoid getting myself killed. Dead security officers are worse than useless.
If medical/rescue teams are not already onsite begin triage process.
If an incident CP exits integrate with it, otherwise establish one.
Open lines of communication with CMT (if it still exists) local security, ISAF, ANSO and all the other acronyms.
Set up CRT at a safe alternate location.


my standard bag with laptop, small camera, two mobile phones, Thuraya, VHF radio, two first aid kits, energy bars, water, TP, and change of underwear.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Ooops. Just realized my comment is full of jargon.

CP= Command Post
CMT= Country Management Team
CRT= Crisis Response Team

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

work as mentioned in previous safety plan
1) Gathering in safe place
2) Incident Management Team
3) Assist the situation
4) work in coordination with UN and other aid agencies
5) Action as required


11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are in an unstable environment, Kabul. Our headquarters stand out like a sore thumb and any terrorist would know that we have less than the minimum standards of security by looking at our pathetic building.
The retired General who was the chief of our mission was aware of an impending threat sent by ANSO (Afghan NGO Security Office) that morning but blew it off because it was just "another warning".
At 17:35p.m. (the normal time that the boss leaves the office) the General was filling out a personality profile from the main corporate office in Dallas while others waited on him. (This was reported by the Dallas Morning News as reported by Retired Brigadere General Herbert Lloyd).

Explosion occurs (17:40pm) and many people are hurt and a couple killed. Lets see - those killed are Robert Bifano, John Duley and Jerry Gibson. Joe Dickinson was injured.

Everyone is running around. How are we going to cover this up since we had a warning earlier in the day and just blew it off. I know, hurry lets put up some jersey bouncers! I just happen to have access to them now that several employees are dead!
Let's blame the governement of Afghanistan, the terrorists and even the people who gave us the contract - the US State Department. We might make millions but it certainly isnt to protect our employees.

Who am I?
DYNCORP ON 8-29-2004

2:41 PM  
Blogger NGO Security said...

In the previous comment the poster makes reference to "jersey bouncers." This term isn't commonly heard in humanitarian security circles. It refers to concrete barriers installed to prevent vehicles from getting close to buildings. Especially cars and trucks carrying bombs...

6:20 PM  

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