Sunday, January 20, 2008

NGO Security Scenario #15

You are working as a security officer in Darfur. This is your first assignment in the region and you have a limited amount of field experience. You are meeting in a town with several other experienced security officers from different organizations when a siren starts to sound. You look up and see a large group of horsemen riding down the street. "Janjaweed," one of your colleagues says. Click the play button below to experience what you see and hear.

How do you determine the current level of risk? What questions do you ask your colleagues? What actions do you take? (If you're unfamiliar with the Janjaweed, click here for context.) Share your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous Pemba said...

As Kevin Toomer once said, video could be deceiving. From what am able to make out, the siren could be a some form of annoucement about the pressence of the horsemen or that they were leaving for their tour of duty.

Having said that, i would say the risk level was very low going by the happenings around. I see local people watching the parade meaning they are not afraid. Secondly my more experienced colleagues would not have put us in harms way by going to a place that they thought could be a HIGH RISK AREA.

Among my many questions to my colleagues would be things like

1.Who are these people
2.Have they ever attacked aid agencies employees both local and international
3.Have they ever kidnapped aid workers

Though i would be asking these questions, i believe i would have done some research prior to my deployment and so i would have some background information to the main actors to the conflict in darfur.

I however will try not to draw attention to ourselves

6:05 AM  
Blogger Patronus Analytical said...

Hmmm. My thoughts are similar to Pemba's. Nothing in the body language of the Janjaweed or the bystanders suggests immanent threat. However, my natural inclination, especially as a newbie, would be to discreetly hang back out of sight. As Pemba points out there is no point in drawing attention.


6:12 AM  
Blogger Lon said...

From what I see and of the reaction of the people around me there is no reason to panic. Being "new" I would just watch my surroundings and enjoy the parade.

2:55 AM  

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