Wednesday, November 23, 2011


If you read my post on Dieter Rams, you might correctly guess that design philosophy and theory influences my approach to NGO safety and security. Industrial design has changed quite a bit since Rams' time and is no longer just about conceiving and creating products. Designers are branching out into organizational and service design, and using their skills to tackle complex social issues.

One of the best Web resources on design is Core77, the Net's oldest online magazine; it's been around since 1995. You'll find lots of interesting and informative news stories and articles with some very insightful essays by "names" in the design world.

If you're still thinking that design is only for creative types and really doesn't apply to the humanitarian space, there have been a flurry of Core77 articles over the past month that may change your mind.

Dave Seliger wrote a four part series entitled "Redesigning International Disaster Response." Part I - The Players, Part II - The Challenges, Part III - Looking to the US Military, and Part IV - Current Innovation.

Panthea Lee also kicked off a seven part series aptly named "The Messy Art of Saving the World" that will focus on design in the context of development work.

This is good stuff. Check it out. Expand your brain and start thinking outside the conventional humanitarian security box.



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