Friday, September 07, 2012

PechaKucha NGO Security Challenge

PechaKucha is a cool idea that grew out of the Japanese design community. It started in Tokyo nine years ago as an evening meet-up where young designers could get together and show off their work. The governing concept was simple. Your presentation had to consist of 20 images (PowerPoint slides) and be given in 20 seconds.

PechaKucha Nights have since spread all over the world, extending to a variety of fields and interests. Compared to TED Talks, they're more bottom-up than top-down. And while the 20x20 format isn't always strictly adhered to, the general idea is. You have a limited amount of time and a limited number of slides to tell your story. I like the concept because it forces you to distill something to the essence, eliminating all of the extraneous fluff that typically is part of a presentation. These flash talks also encourage you to use images, instead of the usual dull, death by PowerPoint text slides.

Lots of potential here for humanitarian safety and security training, where time is at a premium and attention spans can get short; and after all, training is just story telling. So here's the challenge. Can you put together a PechaKucha presentation on some element of NGO safety and security? If you're up for the challenge, send me your finished product. I'll post them here.



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