Thursday, June 15, 2006

Continued violence in Sri Lanka

Violence in Sri Lanka continues to affect its people and the delivery of aid. For a little while all eyes were focused on post-Tsunami recovery, a temporary peace shattered by the return to a conflict of suicide missions and guerilla warfare by Tamil Tiger rebels and war fighting by government forces. In the latest incident more than 50 Sinhalese are killed and many more reported injured in an explosion, purportedly a strike by the Tamil Tigers, and then in follow-up attacks by Sri Lankan government forces. NGO workers have also been killed and injured in indisciminate attacks and aid delivery is, in parts of the country, an extremely dangerous activity. We hear of attempts to coordinate NGO security by the NGO community there, this should be a good thing and surely should be supported - it looks like any coordination needs to be supported, strengthened and needs to reach beyond Columbo.
Our thoughts are with all victims of violence in this conflict.


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