Monday, August 07, 2006

Incident: Executions, Sri Lanka

15 national staff members working for the French NGO, Action Contre la Faim (ACF/Action Against Hunger) were found excuted in their office in Mutter, Sri Lanka (there appears to be some confusion over the number of victims, with some sources saying 15 and others saying 16 or 17). The aid workers, involved with tsunami relief work, were apparently shot at close range. Reports indicate the staff members, eleven men and four women, were all wearing ACF t-shirts. There are reports of other security incidents in the area taking place. As a result of the attacks, ACF is suspending operations. Action Against Hunger has been working in Sri Lanka since 1996. The Sri ACF Lanka mission has 15 expatriate employees and 224 local employees. Our condolences to families, friends and colleagues. 8/8/06 Update - In addition to the 15 ACF staff members killed in their compound, 2 other ACF aid workers were found murdered in a car, as they apparently tried to flee the scene. This is the largest single incident of violence caused, humanitarian worker loss of life since the bombing of ICRC offices in Iraq in 2003. Addtional updated information here and here.


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