Wednesday, January 10, 2007


WikiLeaks is a new transparency project that promotes leaking information in a Wiki-style format. The goal is to collect anonymously leaked documents and information, show it to the world, and then let people comment and analyze. While the primary targets are governments and corporations, if this effort is successful, I wouldn't be surprised to see an internal document or two from various humanitarian organizations show up - likely from NGOs with high staff turnover rates, even higher levels of frustration, and less than competent management.

Many people don't get the power of the Internet when it comes to information and achieving "real" transparency - which is much more than a nice sounding buzzword used for marketing and public relations purposes. There are other popular disclosure sites such Cryptome and The Memory Hole, but WikiLeaks is the first to take a very active and collaborative approach. It will be interesting to watch its debut in the coming months.


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