Thursday, October 25, 2007

Humans Not Evovled for Security?

An interesting article that speculates humans haven't evolved enough to handle modern day security risks and on a whole we're still hard wired to recognize and deal with risks the same way our ancestors did 10's of thousands of years ago. Granted, this article is focused on IT security, and the hypothesis is being proposed by someone who isn't an evolutionary biologist or neuroscientist, but it's still intriguing (and would sure help explain some of things I've seen in the field). For more on risk and the brain, read "Why the Human Brain is a Poor Judge of Risk" or if you want to really get deep, Google "Daniel Kahneman."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a very interesting issue. I recently heard about a study which found we're much better at tracking the movements of animals, even in unfamiliar environments, than we are with motor vehicles. The participants apparently were more aware of animal movements even if the vehicles were brightly coloured and closer to the observer. When you consider modern security threats from firearms and explosives, which wouldn't have much of a parallel in our evolutionary past, it's very interesting to consider how our decision-making processes just aren't prepared for these threats.

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