Sunday, November 18, 2007

NGO Security Scenario #6

You are flying from New York to Senegal, connecting through Madrid on an Iberia Airlines 747. You are traveling alone and there are 385 other people on board. The pilot notices a fire warning light on the number two engine and returns to JFK for an emergency landing. The flight attendants tell passengers to prepare to evacuate. As the plane lands, the cabin lights go out and an alarm starts ringing. Press the play button below to see and hear what you encounter.

What factors seem to be slowing down the evacuation? Do you have anything with you that would be useful? What would your actions be during and after this incident? Share your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous Pemba said...

1.Passengers getting their possessions from the overhead lockers.
2.Passengers dont seem to be aware of the emergency or are just plan stupid.Standing around doing nothing.
3.Seems like there is only one exit point open.

1.Get off the plane as soon as possible and move to a safe distance

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Toomer said...

Factors Slowing Evac

Passengers trying to retrieve baggage.

No announcements from the cabin.

Language issues - most people don't appear to speak English and don't understand the man who yells to leave the aircraft.

The cabin lights don't seem to be working.

Some idiot seems to be blocking the aisle as he films the event.

My Action

As pemba said. It might also be good to say in a loud firm voice "leave your baggage, get off the plane now".

7:47 PM  
Blogger Veni said...

In case engine still in full throttle don't come near engine,if you get out in the rear exit watch out for flying object

12:18 PM  

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