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NGO Security Scenario #8

You are performing a security audit for your organization in Kenya. On your itinerary is a trip to the Kenya-Sudan border to observe a small food distribution program. After a several hour journey with a staff member, you arrive. An excited group of people has been waiting for the truck and the staff member begins distributing the food. Press the play button below to see what happens.

What potential threats do you recognize? What questions do you have for the staff member after you leave the distribution site? What recommendations will you make to senior management based on what you encountered? Share your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous Kevin Toomer said...

Video can be deceiving but I get the impression that there was a distinct lack of respect shown to the Turkana beneficiaries during this distribution. This lack of respect likely contributed to the problems and threats. The whole affair had the feel of throwing food to monkeys to entertain the tourists at some disreputable safari park.


Physical attack by beneficiaries
Damage to agency reputation if a beneficiary is injured or killed in melee

Environmental – hot sun, no shade

Questions for staff members

What training do you have?
Do you speak the local language?
What happened? Why did the crowd lose control?
What could you have done differently?


Mobilise the beneficiaries prior to distribution to provide organization and security during distribution. Beneficiaries should understand, before the arrival of the food, who will receive goods, and how the distribution will work.

Provide some sort of shade and perhaps water.

Cultural orientation and “do no harm” training for distribution staff.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Pemba said...


1.Injuries to the people.


1.Did you inform the people about what the whole programme was about
2.Why did we not involve community leaders
3.Why did we not find a suitable place from where to do the distribution
4.Why did we not have some form of authority(police) on site in case of problems.
5.Why did we not make the people sit down


1.All future distributions should be well coordinated by involving community leaders/elders
2.I think we should separate men from women in future as we do the distribution. (Two separate lines)

9:05 AM  
Blogger Veni said...

See how many people if it more than a hundred do not drop food in one spot may be 10 to fifteen per hundred so people wont do crowded in one spot and might cause people fighting each other

12:07 PM  

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