Thursday, September 29, 2011

LRA Crisis Tracker Map

Earlier in the month I posted about an interactive map that tracked drug violence incidents in Mexico. I mentioned it would be nice to have similar maps available for other conflict zones where humanitarian organizations work. I got an email from FHI 360 security director Norm Sheehan, that Resolve and Invisible Children are doing just that. They've released an interactive map Web site that provides information on LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) attacks in central Africa.

The map is linked to a database of reported LRA incidents, compiled from UN, NGO, and media sources. Data ranges from 2009 to the present. Whats cool is that the information is nearly real-time, with new reports of LRA activity being updated hourly (the HF radio early warning system in DR Congo is linked into the system).

I'm a "map guy" and really have to give the creators of this tool some serious credit - it's very well designed and implemented.

If your organization is doing work in South Sudan, Central African Republic, or DR Congo this resource is a must. If you're not operating in Africa, you should still check it out. I suspect it's a glimpse of what will be common within the humanitarian community in the very near future.

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