Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stratfor hacked (including credit cards)

A number of large humanitarian organizations use the private intelligence Web site Stratfor to keep up on world events. Yesterday the site was hacked by the group Anonymous (or maybe someone else), who released the business' client list. Supposedly the client credit card database was also compromised and is being used to make donations to non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross. Some preliminary details are here. If your organization subscribes to Stratfor, it would be prudent to check if any fraudulent transactions show up on your credit card in the coming days.

12/25/2011 1500 EST Update - As of a few hours ago, it appears credit card and personal information from the hack are now being posted on the Internet. This is going to come as very unpleasant, post-holiday surprise to the 4,000 plus businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals impacted.

12/26/2011 Update - If you've ever subscribed to Stratfor or corresponded with someone that works there, it would be wise to check Cryptome's coverage of the hack. There is a staggering amount of personal information being released as a result of this compromise.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, very helpful post. I downloaded the list of those hacked and sadly found my details. I wonder how many other NGO security people were affected, and worse, how many might not notice until after the holiday season...

While I'm glad Stratfor informed me rather quickly that they had been breached, I am very disappointed that their usual service has stopped -- no emails since 22nd of December.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... has now uploaded the emails taken from Stratfor (and other major hacks this year). Easy way to search whether your email address was compromised.

6:19 AM  

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