Thursday, January 26, 2012

Acceptance Research Report

USAID (through OFDA) has been funding a research project that looks at the role of acceptance in security management. While acceptance has long been part of the humanitarian security triad (along with protection and deterrence), its effectiveness has mostly been through anecdotal accounts. The Acceptance Research project is the first time academic rigor has been applied in determining if acceptance is indeed a viable strategy. Over a year's period, field research was conducted in Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda. The conclusions aren't going to startle anyone who's been doing NGO security work for awhile (acceptance works), but the final report is worth reading and the toolkit is a great way to increase awareness of the value of acceptance within your organization. Kudos to Larissa Fast, Christopher Finucane, Faith Freeman, Michael O’Neill and Elizabeth Rowley for some great work.



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