Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NGO Security PowerPoints and Training Thoughts

I just uploaded ten safety and security management PowerPoint files to this blog's companion Web site. The presentations are based on standard humanitarian security practices, with a few additions, and are organized by subject. Feel free to download, use and modify (the formatting is simple and the content is all text and bulleted lists, so you can add your own logos, digital photos and clip art to pretty things up). Perfect for smaller organizations that want to provide internal staff training but don't know where to start or for experienced security practitioners who are looking for some basic PowerPoint presentations they can customize.

I've successfully used these files in different classes over the years, but I've recently changed my way of thinking about security training and am moving away from overwhelming students with too much information (some irrelevant for their context, a lot that they end up forgetting). I now believe it is important to teach people the more generalized skill of making good decisions under stress and then teach them how to perform a small core of key, job-related tasks very, very well. To me, this is a more effective training approach in preparing people to deal with the realities of the field (or headquarters).


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