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NGO Security Scenario #9

The country you are working in has erupted into civil war. All humanitarian organizations are suspending operations and evacuating international staff. Due to the lack of overland evacuation routes, the United Nations and other military forces will be transporting humanitarian workers to safety by air. You are assigned as liaison to the military and will handle logistics issues. You are to meet an officer arriving by helicopter, and then coordinate staff evacuation on that aircraft. You and the staff members to be evacuated are waiting in a field for the helicopter to land. Press the play button below to see what happens next.

What are your first actions following the incident? What are your priorities? Did you take any measures prior to the helicopter's arrival to enhance staff's ground safety? Share your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous Pemba said...

This is one of the toughest case studies i have come across on this site.Tough in the sense that we now have more problems on our hands than we had started with. We may have injured people in the helicopter and some may have died. We have lost our transport and maybe even our liaison officer. Since we cant abandon the dead and the injured, the following will be my plan of action.

Mobilise my team into groups.Those with first aid training should take care of the injured while the rest will move the dead from the site of the crush. I will get on the radio/sat phone to inform our headoffice about what has happened,inform them that i will keep them informed of the new developments. i will also contact the military to inform them about the incident and whatever information i may be able to provide such as whether the helicopter was shot at or it was just mechanical failure. i will also inform them about the condition of the crew on board. i will the enquire if it is possible to get another transport plane out of here. In an event that we will get another heli, then we will catch a ride in that one. In case there is no chance of another one coming our way, the following will be my plan.

I will get the latest security status of the area we are in . if there is no fighting within our area,i will start looking around for a charter company that can fly in and evacute my team.

Depending on the time the transport will be coming in, i will ask my team to mark the run way using sticks doused in fuel should the plane come in the night. Also mark the landing pad in case its a heli coming our way.

After that we will have to wait. If on the other hand, the helicopter was shot at, we would have to move from the crush site taking the injured with us and leaving the dead behind. Once in another safe area, my plan would remain the same. look for a charter company.

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