Thursday, February 02, 2012

EISF Gender and Security Research

The European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) just released a set of online questionnaires as part of a study on the role of gender in NGO security issues. This is a worthy project and if you work for a humanitarian organization, the researchers would like to hear from you (the survey period runs until 10 February 2012).

There are three questionnaires, but you only need to fill out one based on the type of work you do and where. Click on a link below to go directly to the applicable survey form. All information entered will be held in strict confidence.

HQ staff and EISF members
(~20 minutes to complete)

Field personnel working in country offices in a non-security role (~15 minutes)
Available in English and French

Security and management staff in country offices (~20 minutes)

The researchers are also interested in organizations that are willing to share existing policy documents, identify staff members with expertise, and help set up discussion groups.

For additional information about this project, contact EISF at:



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