Sunday, February 24, 2008

NGO Security Scenario #20 - Crazy on You

You're flying from Toronto to London, to catch a connecting flight to India. Mid way through the flight you hear a commotion across the aisle from your seat. Click the play button to see what happens next.

What do you do? Is the situation under control (what observations lead you to that conclusion)? How would you handle a similar situation if it occurred in your workplace? Share your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below.


Anonymous pemba said...

From the look of things, i believe the two men(agents)have the situation under control in terms of the passenger causing harm to the aircraft or the passengers on board, however i think they taken by surprise by the way the suspect is behaving looking at the reaction of the agent nearest the camera. Having said that, if i were to transport a suspect, i would suggest we use private jets because i can imagine the stress that the other passengers had to go through as the man kept shouting on top of his voice.

My second observation has to do with the restrants on the suspects hands. i think the lenght is quite long such that a determined criminal could loop them around someones throat and cause some serious damage.

What would i do different. I would sedate the suspect if he continues to mishave or i would gag him, and possibly move him to the back of the plane

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Smurf said...

I am a bit disturbed by Pembas comment, what makes you think the man is a criminal and why do you suggest harming the detainee ? I thought we were humanitarians here.

It seems obvious that the man is a deported asylum seeker that is extremely upset. The fact that he says he will be killed might cause a human being to at ask for his name and forward it to a human rights organisation that deals with cases of
The suggestion to gag or sedate the person is disgusting and in fact a number of deportees have been killed that way in the past.

The agents have the same rights as any other passenger and are not allowed to use violence - the plane captain is in charge.
If you witness a similar situation where you think that the deportee is being abused while the plane is still on the ground, it is suggested you stand up and refuse to sit down until the captain has decided to take the deportee off the plane. This behaviour usually leads to an abortion of the deportation.

2:12 AM  

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