Sunday, March 09, 2008

NGO Security Scenario #22 - Mr. Sandman

You are returning to your organization's country office in Sudan. You are on foot and the office is about a half kilometer away. You hear a commotion behind you and turn around. Click the play button to see what happens next.

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Anonymous Kevin said...

I've been caught in a dust storm almost that large. fortunately I was in a vehicle. It became impossible to see so we had to stop where we were. We turned off the ignition to avoid clogging the air filter and sat out the storm.

There was one aspect of dust/sand storms that we were completely unaware of... dust storms interfere with radio communications! We were out of contact with base for the duration of the storm. On retrospect we realized we would have been smarter to contact base as soon as we saw the storm coming and warned them that we would be out of contact.

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