Sunday, March 23, 2008

NGO Security Scenario #24 - Media Fallout

Following the abduction of a group of South Korean aid workers in Afghanistan, you are quickly brought in as a consultant to advise the organization they were volunteering for. The Taliban kidnappers have threatened to kill one of the aid workers unless their demands are met. The incident is dynamic and the South Korean and Afghan governments have yet to become largely involved. You believe the situation can be resolved and that negotiations as proceeding in good faith. As you sip your morning tea, a news report with the following video appears on the hotel room television (click the play button).

An official is quoted that the military has just recovered the body of one of the Korean aid workers. This is the first you've heard of this report. Your mobile and satellite phones both start ringing at the same time. There's loud knocking at your door. What do you do? What are your priorities? What actions will you advise the organization to take next? Share your thoughts in the COMMENTS below.


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